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I am highly tired of immature bros. I mean we should show the immature bros how they should act properly. I mean come on. If we talk about hate and everything else and call people out and attack others, then what does that show other bros?

On my PewDiePie fan page we have a no bullying policy….

Thing is - true bros don’t moan at each other. We just get along. Because we are an army, and army’s work together. And that’s what Pewds wants for us. If there’s Bros annoying you - ignore them. I don’t mean to start an argument or anything but please. This isn’t what we’re about. Brofist.

So are you saying its okay for these immature bros to send death threats, go on other youtubers and comment that they are copying PewDiePie? Is that okay? Because I really don’t think its okay. Its not that they are annoying me, its that they are not mature. I mean come on, if you were PewDiePie would you be okay with immature bros acting the way they are? I sure wouldn’t. We are to stick up for each other and we should be showing how to act. When I go into the tag I see more people talking about hate than I actually see it. PewDiePie is going to get hate and that is okay because not everyone will like him. The thing is, we have to be okay with not everyone liking him. With this post I mad here, I am trying to work together obviously otherwise I wouldn’t have said that we need to show the new bros how to be mature about that hate. 

I am highly tired of immature bros. I mean we should show the immature bros how they should act properly. I mean come on. If we talk about hate and everything else and call people out and attack others, then what does that show other bros?

On my PewDiePie fan page we have a no bullying policy. You bully and you get banned. I mean we are always telling our fans that no one is copying PewDiePie and to ignore the hate because they can have their own opinion. I mean PewDiePie wouldn’t want us attacking other people. 

We should be showing the bros that its okay for people not to like him. Its okay for other people to play the same game PewDiePie played because games are made for everyone. We need to stop the who is better than who. Everyone is going to like different stuff and people aren’t going to like the same thing you like. And that is okay! Cause when you get out to the real world are you going to yell at people to their face for not liking something that you do? I would hope not cause that could cause problems in your future jobs. Be mature and just ignore the hate and everything else. Show the young bros how to act. 

I was told that we should just delete the page by an anon on here. I mean sure, we could delete the page if we wanted to. But we don’t want to. We made this blog because no matter what we do, we get hate. Ranting about the page on the page=hate. Making a blog about the page= hate I guess. I mean its like everything is going against us. 

I made this page on November 9, 2012. I made it because I went through a really bad break up with the person I thought I would be together for a very long time. He meant a lot to me. When we broke up, I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t leave my room and I was crying a lot. My friends actually had to take me out to eat since I slept all day and didn’t eat. I had to take sleeping pills for two weeks. My mom always asked how many I was taking because I think she was worried I would end up taking more. I was watching PewDiePie and for that 12-20 minutes, I forgot about everything. I forgot what happened, why I was sad and everything else. I’m not saying PewDiePie cured my depression because he didn’t. He just made me forget what was going on. And I needed that. I made the page because other people send him stuff, others make fan art and who knows what else others do. I am not creative nor did I have the extra money to send stuff to him. I made a page because I just wanted to show PewDiePie how thankful for him I am. I know he doesn’t the page exists. But this page just gave me hope when I needed it. I know he may never see the page and that’s okay. Because I have had many people that when they are sad, the come to my fan page and just look at all the pictures and everything else. And that is more than enough for me. It makes me happy knowing that I can do the same thing that PewDiePie did for me through a fan page. So when people say to just delete the page if it has so much trouble, its just stupid to me. It means so much to me and the other people who like that page that it would break a lot of peoples hearts and I don’t want to do that. And I know that other fan pages that say “PewDiePie Fans” still get trouble with people thinking they are PewDiePie. 

To delete a page that has over 40,000 likes is the most silliest thing I have ever heard

TL;DR: PewDiePie helped me, my fan page distracted me, my fan page helps other fans.  


Anonymous asked:

Just delete the page if there are so many people like that there, stop posting it here; we can't do anything about it either.

We post about it here because we can’t vent about it on the page or else we get hate. I don’t want to delete the page because it means to much to me. And you have no right to tell us what we can or can’t post here. We vent and post it. Is that a problem?  ~K

Edit: And I think it would be pretty stupid to delete a page that has over 40,000 likes 

Now, this is an example of some of the messages we get. This person started bothering us on November 16, 2013. He thought we was PewDiePie so we told him we are not since we do not want to lie to fans. I mean we have it all over the page that we are not him. He then continues to message us and then says “wait you live on tha tv” which Broshe (known as “J” on here) asks him if he knows that we are not PewDiePie (which she stated the first time he contacted us). He then keeps talking as if we are PewDiePie. Broshe tells him that we have no contact with PewDiePie nor does he see this page. He then says not for her to talk to him. Shes just telling him we are not PewDiePie. And some people just think that we are lying that we are PewDiePie. But why would PewDiePie do that? Kind of silly. But anyway, he then sent a lot of those stupid stickers you can send in messages. And then proceeded to send random letters and spam us. Which leads to this. 

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