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Okay yep. This was in THIS video of the description. Do bros not care that he has no internet and he has to steal it? I mean seriously. Most people know what its like to have no internet for a very long time. PewDiePie is doing the best that he can and people don’t realize that. Calling him lazy? Really? How would you feel if you was in his shoes with all these fans wanting more than one video a day when you have no internet? I doubt you would like it very much. Obviously these comments are making Pewds feel bad about not doing enough for these selfish bros. And yes, they are selfish cause they don’t care about anyone but themselves and how many videos Pewds makes a day. Seriously. Stop. One day he will stop making videos probably. You should appreciate what he does now because once he stops, you’re gonna wish you had appreciated him more. 

So thank you PewDiePie for doing your best. Don’t let anyone get you down. Thank you for making videos for us, thank you for being so dedicated that you steal wifi to upload videos. You are an amazing person who should get more respect than you do. 

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